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Through the reimagining of a brand, The Whole Bean, the Local Grounds coffee shop concept was developed. Project deliverables include a complete brand identity suite, a preliminary design system with a style guide outlining color scheme, type scale, brand images, a logo, icons, and a social media header, used to create digital and print marketing materials.

The Challenge

56% of coffee shops fail within the first five years. This statistic is eye-opening when considering that the top two reasons for closure are "unprepared for ownership" and "lack of brand identity." While I can't impact the first, I can thoughtfully create a brand identity that will make a lasting first impression.

The Solution

Ensuring the brand communicates a uniform identity from conception to execution by creating an identity system before launch. As they enter the market, this foundation will allow Local Grounds to overcome one of coffee shop owners' main challenges. Also, utilizing a solid basis of UX principles within my designs will lay the groundwork for the future creation of a complete design system.

The Process

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touch points

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The Journey

When developing the concept for Local Coffee, it needed to include the entire design process and the production of all digital and print assets. ​ Onboarding began with understanding the complete business vision, and in the discovery phase, it became clear that the proposed location of the coffee shop was the focal point. This insight provided the foundation for the Local Coffees brand and the decision to drop the working name, The Whole Bean. The name needed to balance sincerity and warmth with a touch of modernity to create a voice for its mission statement. When customers enter Local Grounds, they should feel like this is "the place" you want to come to every day for your favorite cup of coffee, the place you love to grab a snack and catch up with a friend or get some work done. Ultimately, the brand needs to have a little something for everyone that leaves customers feeling valued and appreciated. In moving forward with the research phase, I defined primary personas to understand the customer and created a competitive analysis for future brand applications. I continued in the creation of visual and digital asses that would provide building blocks for the style guide while maintaining a clear voice for the brand: welcoming, genuine and modern. These elements included: • Logo • Colors • Typography • Pattern & Texture • Imagery & Photography • Illustration & Iconography • Layout & Composition In conjunction with outlining the implementation of creative brand touchpoints, the development of these assets wrapped up this project with the included deliverables: • Renaming • Mission & Values • Statements • Logo • Custom Icons • Brand Identity Suite/ Preliminary Design Systems • Digital & Print Collateral

White Earth


Defining a brand:

purpose, personality, mission, and target audience


We are your neighbors & friends. Our desire is to share our passtion for coffee & add value to the local community.


• Sincere

• Genuine

• Inviting

• Friendly

It’s important for Local Grounds to convey a genuine and thoughtful approach to coffee culture for the longevity of serving customers in a popular neighborhood.  Local grounds is a place you want to come to every day for your favorite cup of coffee. A place you will grab your favorite local snack and catch up with a friend. Whether heading to work or the outdoor seating, they have a little something to offer everyone.

coffee beans_edited.png
To provide a premium product with a local feel. We are passionate about making a great cup of coffee every time.
The Target Audience
On a Tablet

We work from home and need a change of scenery. Coming to our favorite coffee shop for our daily driver is what gets us our of bed in the morning.

Coffee with Friends
We are students taking a study break at our neighborhood coffee shop. We meet up with friends and enjoy the local atmosphere.
We enjoy spending free time with our friends and family. We always know the best place to grab a great cup of coffee.
We're young professionals looking for a relaxed place to meet outside of the office.


Understanding the target audience:
customer behaviors & economic trends

Who is at the coffee shop?

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  • Under 30 are identified as the most influential customer in the coffee shop market.

  • 25 to 34 y/o spend the most of any demographic.

  • Millennials tend to spend more on premium beverage brands.

  • 32% of millennials report drinking an espresso-based drink in the past day, the highest of any generation.

* stat references available upon request.

Competitive Analysis

Additional competitive analysis |  Mobile-First website (coming soon) project piece for future brand applications.