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My Designer's Notebook: Method or Madness?

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Welcome to My Design Process

This is the place where I share the Ws (who-what-when-where-why...and how) behind my creations.

Chances are that if you've found yourself here, you're interested in learning more about my background and design methods, or you're part of my Learning Technologies class (more about that in a moment.) Hopefully, you'll find those answers here, but if not, always feel free to reach out through MY CONTACT PAGE.



How It Started

Honestly, I have started more 'blog' style projects than I care to count. I've written about my health and wellness, business ventures, family life, and a variety of hobbies and interests. None of them held my attention or felt relevant enough to keep me consistent. And from my understanding, consistency is key in the blogosphere. Which is why it's taken me so long to start a designer's notebook.

You might wonder why I'm starting one now if it's never stuck ⎯ Good question!

Well, I've found myself in an unusual cross-section of life. I feel like it's how people describe being a late bloomer. Not that I'm suddenly successful or attractive, but in the sense that I'm in my 30s and life is just now starting to 'click.' (You can read more about that on Alamo City Moms, where I share more about my personal life.)

AND part of this phase is finishing my B.A.S. in Learning Technologies, where my first project for my Foundations of LTech in STEM class is to start a blog.

Just needed the right motivation.

So, here we are with my shiny new blog, as a mostly blank canvas, and I'm ready to share. I just needed the right motivation, and what better way to provide that than a structured learning environment.

Feel free to follow along with my regularly provided updates ⎯ for as long as this class is in session. Haha!

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