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With over 30 years' experience in the Multi-Family Industry, TurnKey makes turning vacancies for its customer easy and know first-hand the challenges property managers face today. They came to me with this foundation in mind, but needed fast turn around for foundational design asset to move their company in the right visual direction.


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When the owner of TurnKey approached me he had half a logo, a name, and needed to go live with their product in fewer than 30 days. While he had a background in design, his biggest threat was being able to develop the basis for the brand quickly enough to produce collateral without losing brand continuity in the process.

With such tight deadlines, my initial step was filling out the missing pieces in his research materials to better understand his customer. Being in the service industry, he not only needed to cater to his client, but their client's customer as well. I knew choosing a color scheme to establish the mood would make the image selection process go faster.

The Multi-Family Industry is such a tight-knit community, that conveying the sincerity and trustworthiness of TurnKey was a must. I chose teal as the primary color to set that tone. Then came the light gray for a sense of balance and the orange for a pop of brighter color with a positive feeling associated to it. The accent colors were then added to fill out a more cohesive palette.  With those elements out of the way, I quickly put together a simple mood board that communicated genuine warmth and an inviting atmosphere. TurnKey will be able to share this to outside vendors as a quick frame of reference for additional asset creation, as well as add it to their brand guidelines for consistency in their future marketing materials.


Moodboard & Color Scheme