Local Grounds

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Business owner Karla Kahvi of Local Grounds entrusted me with the creation of her brand's identity and gave me sole discretion over all creative decisions.  This project included a full brand style guide including color scheme, type scale, brand images, a logo, icons, and social media header that will be used to create both digital and print marketing materials. These assets will guide Local Grounds in its future design direction to ensure that the brand communicates a uniform identity from conception to execution.


Local Grounds

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Brand Identity


When Karla came to me, she had fewer than three months to actualize her brand. This needed to include the entire design process as well as the production of all digital and print assets to launch her coffee shop.

I began Karla’s onboarding by working to understand the complete vision for her business. Within the discovery process, it became clear that the popular neighborhood where the coffee shop would open was the focal point. This insight helped tremendously in creating a brand that would represent her products well and resonate with her neighbors. I then turned my research outward to define who Karla’s customers were and get a better feel for her community.

Keeping Karla’s ideal audience in mind, I began to brainstorm the identity design and full range of assets for the entire brand. My foundation for this project started with an update to the working name of the business from "The Whole Bean" to "Local Grounds". The name needed to balance neighborly warmth with a touch of modernity to create a voice for their mission statement:

"To provide a premium product with a local feel. We are passionate about making a great cup of coffee every time."

Branding & Logo Design

Menu Design & Packaging

All of the pieces I produced for Karla were designed to communicate sincerity and warmth in alignment with the mission statement. When customers enter Local Grounds, I wanted them to feel like this is the place you want to come every day for your favorite cup of coffee; the place you’ll love to grab a snack and catch up with a friend. Ultimately, the brand needed to have a little something for everyone that left customers feeling valued and appreciated.

Style Guide

Karla needed a solid frame of reference to maintain brand continuity after launch, which we accomplished through a comprehensive style guide. 

In the style guide, I included the mission statement and tone for Local Grounds, along with colors, typography, and imagery that set the mood for the brand.